Agenda at a glance

Session 1: Phage Therapy: Recent Advances & Challenges

Session 2: Bacteriophage Characterization & Isolation

Lytic Phages

Temperate Phages

Genomic Characterization

Use of Machine Learning

Session 3: Co-Evolutionary Mechanisms of Bacteria and Phages

– Bacteriophage Cocktails: Against Antibiotic Resistance

Phage Resistance: The Emergence

Towards Restricting Phage Resistance

Session 4: Bacteriophages & Microbiota:  On the Way to a Medical Revolution?

Phage Based Microbiota Modulation: Clinical Trials

Insight to the Future of Phages in Microbiota Modulation

Session 5: Bacteriophage Prophylactic & Therapeutic Applications

Products in Clinical and Pre-Clinical Development

Natural & Engineered Phages

Personalized Phage Therapy Trials vs. Clinical Trials

Session 6: Engineered Bacteriophages: Innovations & Biotechnology

Gene – Editing Bacteriophages

Bacteriophages as Biosensors for Bacteria and Tumor Cells

The Implementation of Bacteriophages in Tissue Engineering