You can submit your abstract for short oral presentation or poster presentation among the tracks indicated below.

The abstract category is the general heading under which an abstract is submitted and reviewed.
If accepted, the abstract will be published under this heading in the Convention & Congress Program.

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Among Tracks for Targeting Phage & Antibiotic Resistance World Congress:

Track 1: The basic research

Track 2: Safety and regulation

Track 3: Phage isolation and characterization
3.1: Phage quality
3.2: Phage diversity
3.3: Phage endolysine

Track 4: Phage/Host interaction
4.1: Immunogenicity
4.2: Phage/Microbiota interaction
4.3: Antibiotic resistance / synergism

Track 5: Phage therapy & pathologies
5.1: Inflammatory bowel diseases
5.2: Bacterial vaginosis
5.3: Others

Track 6: Clinical Trials
6.1: GMP phage production for clinical trials
6.2: Genomics

Track 7: Strategies to combat antibiotic resistance
7.1: Enzymes

7.2: Peptides
7.3: Others

Track 8: New generation of antibiotics
8.1: New beta-lactamase inhibitors and other resistance breakers
8.2: New drugs targeting siderophore receptors as trojan horses
8.3: New drugs for alternative targets (LPS synthesis…)

Track 9: Veterinary Settings

Track 10: Agri-Food industries

Track 11: Others

Please don’t hesitate to submit your abstract for any other subject related to the antibiotic resistance strategies not available on this list.