Among Tracks for Targeting Phage & Antibiotic Resistance World Congress:


Track 1: Recent Advances & Challenges in Phage Therapy 

Track 2: Bacteriophage Characterization & Isolation

  • Phage quality
  • Phage diversity

Track 3: Antibacterial Activity & Phage Resistance

  • Phage antimicrobial activity
  • Phage resistant bacteria

Track 4: Bacteriophages & Microbiota: On the Way to a Medical Revolution?

  • Phage therapy in avoiding microbiota disruption
  • Modifying microbiota profile via phages

Track 5: Engineered Bacteriophages: Innovations & Biotechnology

  • Phages in tissue engineering
  • Phages as biosensors

Track 6: Others

Please don’t hesitate to submit your abstract for any other subject related to phage therapy or the use of phages in biotechnology, even if not available on this list.