Engineered M13 Bacteriophage for Cancer Therapy Wins Best Short Oral at Phage Therapy 2024

The Targeting Phage Therapy 2024 Best Short Oral Presentation award (2) was discerned to:

Nanobiotechnological Engineering of the M13 Bacteriophage for Targeted Photodynamic Cancer Therapy
Alena Kaltenbrunner, University of Bologna, Italy

Her study developed recombinant M13 phages displaying nanobodies specific to cancer markers EGFR and Her2, and conjugated with photosensitizers. These engineered phages demonstrated high specificity and efficacy in targeting and eradicating cancer cells through light-induced cytotoxicity, showcasing their potential as innovative tools for cancer treatment.

Ms. Kaltenbrunner stated: “As a PhD student at the University of Bologna’s Molecular Biotechnology Lab under the guidance of Alberto Danielli, my research is centered on the nanobiotechnological engineering of the M13 bacteriophage for targeted photodynamic cancer therapy (PDT). We have successfully developed several highly specific phages targeting different overexpressed cancer markers. Our preliminary results in 2D cultures are very promising and our future steps involve testing this therapy in 3D cultures to pave the way for a novel, less toxic, and highly specific alternative cancer treatment.”

You can learn about this inspiring finding and talk in Targeting Phage Therapy 2024 Replay and Abstracts Book.

Targeting Phage Therapy 2024 Congress
7th World Conference
June 20-21, 2024 – Malta