Promising Path for Periprosthetic Hip Infection Recovery: The Power of Phage-Antibiotic Combination Therapy

A new Russian study, published in the journal “Viruses”, study delves into the efficacy of combined phage/antibiotic therapy for treating periprosthetic joint infection (PJI) in adult patients with deep PJI of the hip joint. The research, which included 45 adult patients undergoing one-stage revision surgery, presents compelling evidence that could reshape the landscape of PJI treatment.

In this investigation, patients from a prospective study group (SG, n = 23) received treatment with a specific phage preparation and etiotropic antibiotics, while those in a retrospective comparator group (CG, n = 22) were administered antibiotics only. The results are nothing short of remarkable.

The study unveiled a staggering eightfold reduction in the rate of PJI relapses in the SG compared to the CG: an impressive 4.5% versus a concerning 36.4%, with a statistically significant p-value of 0.021. Furthermore, the response rate to treatment in the SG was an outstanding 95.5% (95% confidence interval (CI) = 0.7511–0.9976), while the CG exhibited a response rate of only 63.6% (95% CI = 0.4083–0.8198).

The odds ratio for PJI relapse in patients of the SG was a mere 0.083 (95% CI = 0.009–0.742), almost 12 times lower than that in the CG. This compelling data suggests that the combined phage/antibiotic therapy employed in the SG is a highly effective strategy in preventing PJI relapses.

This study stands as a beacon of hope, providing robust evidence that combined phage/antibiotic therapy could revolutionize the landscape of periprosthetic joint infection treatment. The implications of these findings extend beyond the realm of medical research, offering valuable insights that could shape public health policies aimed at enhancing PJI treatment protocols. Stay tuned for further developments as we continue to explore innovative avenues in the quest for improved patient outcomes.

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