Phage-Bacteria Interaction Network in Human Intestinal Tract

Dr. Martial Marbouty, Institut Pasteur, France will join the Phage Therapy Congress to present a talk entitled “Phage-Bacteria Interaction Network in Human Intestinal Tract”.

Bacteriophages play important roles in regulating the intestinal human microbiota composition and dynamics. Therefore, characterizing their bacterial hosts at the time of the sampling is a needed step to understand their impact. In recent years, proximity-ligation approach (3C) has become a promising tool to study phage–bacteria within human gut (Marbouty et al., 2021).

Building on their knowledge, Dr. Marbouty and his team developed a new end-to-end pipeline with gold standard controls for the application of high-quality 3C on human gut sample. Its application on various datasets allowed them to unveil a large phage-bacteria interaction network. Its analysis reveals that phages in the intestinal tract are highly specific to their host suggesting a low ratio of host switching.

They also characterized a small population of phages that exhibit a much higher coverage than their associated host, representing potentially active phages. Taken together, the team’s results provide a new view of phage-bacteria interactions in the human intestinal tract.

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Targeting Phage Therapy 2023
6th World Conference
June 1-2, 2023 – Paris, France