Phages to shape the gut microbiota?

The phage therapy concept is simple; target the phage to the bacterial pathogen causing disease.

As phages are natural killers of bacteria, one could expect this to be an easy task. However, when it comes to phage therapy within the gut, it might not be quite that simple.

Already without exogenous intervention, a multitude of phage–bacterial interactions occur within the human gut, some of which might play a direct role in disease progression.

In this perspective, Dahlman et al, aimed to summarize the current understanding of phages within the gut, moving from infancy, adulthood, and then into disease progression.

They highlighted recent advances in phage-based interventions, both conventional phage therapy and the progressing field of whole virome transplant.

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Targeting Phage Therapy will dedicate a session to phage therapy in microbiota modulation, entitled “Bacteriophages & Microbiota:  On the Way to a Medical Revolution?”. 

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Targeting Phage Therapy 2023
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June 1-2, 2023 – Paris, France