PrecisionPhage Will Be Supporting Targeting Phage Therapy 2024


The 7th World Conference Targeting Phage Therapy on June 20-21 in Malta will be held under the support of PrecisionPhage.

They will be showcasing their SaaS platform – Phagenomics, their phage collection of over 1500 strains available for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing and various laboratory services.

PrecisionPhage online platform Phagenomics makes high-quality phage genome bioinformatics easy and accessible for everyone. Phagenomics integrates a suite of proprietary and 3rd party tools for phage genome assembly, annotation, analysis and comparative genomics. The platform enables users to perform genome assembly from raw reads followed by automated contig selection, genome reorientation, polishing, cross-database and AI based annotations, identification of antibiotic resistance and virulence genes, lyticity prediction, taxonomic classification and more. Additionally, Phagenomics offers features for comparing phages through genome alignment, protein clustering, and in the near future, the construction of smart phage therapy cocktails through our CocktailShaker algorithm.

PrecisionPhage aims to be a comprehensive collaborative partner in the establishing phage ecosystem. Their laboratory services include DNA-isolation, sequencing and analysis services (even for larger Phage Banks), custom phage isolation – a tailored service to discover and characterize phages for a variety of needs, and small-scale phage production. Also, they offer access to their extensive library of over 1500 bacteriophages for research, development, and commercial use, with flexible licensing options.

PrecisionPhage’s team consists of members with decades of research experience, including phage therapy in humans and animals. They are committed to collaborating with institutions and businesses alike to help them reach their project goals. PrecisionPhage is open for partnering in diverse projects and objectives, ultimately bringing phage therapy closer to the people in need.

About PrecisionPhage

PrecisionPhage Ltd, a Finnish company founded upon two decades of phage research, features a large collection of phages and research services along with Phagenomics, a cutting-edge online platform for bacteriophage genome analysis. With their Phagenomics Software-as-a-Service, all DNA-sequence based phage analyses, annotations, phage product validations, genomic comparisons, phage cocktail designs and other steps in therapeutic use and academic research can be done by anyone. They are a comprehensive partner for research and development within the establishing phage ecosystem.

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Targeting Phage Therapy 2024
7th World Conference
June 20-21, 2024 – Corinthia Palace, Malta