Targeting Phage Therapy 2024 Agenda Has Been Released


We invite you to the Phage Therapy 2024 Conference, a two-day event focused on the latest in phage research, current challenges, and future directions. This conference will bring together experts, researchers, and healthcare professionals to discuss phage therapy and its application in medicine.

Day 1, Thursday June 20:

Keynote Speech: Overview of phage, phageome, and phage therapy, including current status and future directions.

Session 1: “Phages and Hosts: Characteristics, Recent Developments & Mechanistics” – Discussion on the interactions between phages and their hosts and recent discoveries.

Session 2: “Microbiome & Phageome: On the Way to Medical Revolution?”

  • Current phageome research.
  • Microbiome and phageome interactions.
  • Phages as microbiome modulators.
  • Phages in dysbiosis of vaginal, lung, and gut environments.

Round Table Discussion with the Scientific Committee: Discussion on “Phages & Microbiome: The Imperative for Establishing a Task Force,” focusing on the need for targeted efforts in this area.

Day 2, Friday June 21:

Session 3: “Phage Therapy: Emerging Trends and Innovative Approaches” – Covering:

  • Overcoming phage resistance and antibiotic re-sensitization.
  • Synthetic and engineered phages.
  • Phage therapy for non-communicable diseases.
  • Designing clinical studies for phage therapy.

Session 4: “Innovations from Academics & Industrials: From Bench to Bed” – Transition of phage research to clinical applications.

Session 5: “Ethical Considerations and Regulatory Landscape of Phage Therapy: Challenges, Advocacy, and Task Forces” – Review of ethical, regulatory, and advocacy issues.

Phage Therapy 2024 Awards: Awards for Best Scientific Contribution, Best Oral Presentation, and Best Poster Presentation.

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